Blue Skies Community Living

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The primary purpose of the care and support we provide is to promote maximum indepence of the client, so that over time they become less and less dependent on our own service. In order to achieve this, we initially undertake a comprehensive baseline assessment, during our referral process, to provide an upto date status of the goals and aspirations of the client, the current level functioning, and to identify any barriers and problems impeding progress towards independent living.

Our assessments include the use of structured professional rating scales such as MOHOST, OCAIRS and HONOS to categorise current and future level of functioning.

If commissioned to provide support Blue Skies will provide one identified clinician, responsible for the care and support given to clients, and for the assessment and management of risk, delivered throughout their care pathway with Blue Skies.

Any barriers towards achieving goals and aspirations are categorised and prioritised. Such barriers can include formalised risks as part of a formal risk assessment, cognitive difficutlies, challenging behaviours, mental health issues, substance misuse, medication side effects etc. Intervention plans are agreed with the client, family and any other stakeholders, and such plans will focus on agreed areas, according to the level of priority. Outcome measures will then be defined explicitly

The intervention plans (care plans) will aim to gradually increase level of functioning and independent living and, due to the clinical background of our staff, we can provide a whole range of ongoing formal psychometric and functional assesments, to objectively measure the clients progress, the following being a small example of what we can provide: WAIS IQ testing, ADOS/ADI NICE recommended Autism assessment, MOHOST, OCAIRS, HCR-20, SVP, RSVP, LUNSERS, IRMP, PANSS, HAD, BPRS etc. The list is not exhaustive and indicative only.

Occupational activities will form a large part of the clients care and support plans and each client will have a weekly activity planner detailing activities in the community.

Progress reports will be sent to commissioners and stakeholders via secure email, at agreed regular intervals, and will include details of activities undertaken or missed, risk assessment including incidents, updates on any formal structured assessments and progress towards outcome measures.

We can also provide a formal psychiatric opinion and arrange formal psychiatric cover during any transition period between services, when a community psychiatrist is difficult to identify.