Blue Skies Community Living

Tel: 0800 2 888 717


  • Initially refer via email: or Freephone 0800 2 888 717
  • Referrals manager will discuss referral and arrange for completion of referral form
  • Following receipt of completed referral, assessment will be completed by an MDT clinican within 7 days
  • Assessment will include meeting with prospective client, carers, family and professionals for baseline assessments, as follows:
    • Baseline assessment of current functioning in activities of daily living, personal care, budgeting, social & recreational, occupational
    • Mental health difficulties, learning difficulties and any challenging behaviour, Autistic traits/disorder
    • Physical health needs
    • Communication profile and review of any PBS
    • Assessment of any restrictions and legal framework
    • Prospective client preferred community living location and type
    • Risk assessment and care plans

  • Full assessment report completed within 14 days including following:
    • Intervention plan around mental health, learning difficulties and autistic needs
    • Physical health care and support plan
    • Proposed activity schedule
    • Risk assessment and management plan
    • Proposals for accommodation
    • Assessment of any restrictions, deprivations of liberty and legal framework
    • Outcome measures with explicit time frames
    • Identified clinician within Blue Skies responsible for care